fckngstrghtdg (fckngstrghtdg) wrote,

Bebe showed me a passage from an afi song, and I thought I'd fix it.

I laced my heart with yours throughout earth's ending.
Dust drifted in and out of our linked lips as your delicate fingers caressed my cephalic posterior.
I found meaning flowing through the straw fields and hidden deep under the rings of tall trees.
As you vanished i followed you into the most intricate patterns of snowflakes and leaves.
Beyond the city's lights breathed not a soul, yet screams from a river's bottom breached our blinded ears.
We ventured off and manifested the planet's moods as we observed oceans colliding with each delayed curve with an abandoned street.
I peered through a leper's eyes and turned to see inverted bodies burning.
The reigning sky burned its mark into the face of humanity.
We grafted glass to the heavens and watched society's last idolized stars disappear.
I requested you accompany me through a velocious downward flee.
The sign draped below your eyes told me to float freely.
The city's epidermus bore the desperate characters of the world's last known identities.
The sun vanished, and darkness presumed the throan of universal king.
Meanwhile, our bodies flew in infinate peace.
A message stressing salvation, lay about the humid breeze.
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