fckngstrghtdg (fckngstrghtdg) wrote,

what the fuck is this idiot's problem?

ZachBonair: Painting go good?
stefanoisaweiner: yes, actually.
ZachBonair: Congrats
stefanoisaweiner: thanks.
ZachBonair: mhm
ZachBonair: What are you up to now?
ZachBonair: anything cool?
stefanoisaweiner: thinking which painting to work on now.
ZachBonair: How many are there?
stefanoisaweiner: um...
stefanoisaweiner: about 10.
ZachBonair: hmm
ZachBonair: Maybe you should draw a number from a hat :-)
stefanoisaweiner: nah.
stefanoisaweiner: it's more important than that.
ZachBonair: What are you deciding on?
stefanoisaweiner: i don't know.
ZachBonair: I say...the third one you started
stefanoisaweiner: ...
stefanoisaweiner: i say bye.
ZachBonair: later

Auto response from stefanoisaweiner: dead.
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